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And a broken bone and they said they wanted to put antibiotics in my IV and I refused. I told 'em, I'd take 'em orally. So, he gave me the antibiotics to take and guess what I didn't take? Because I don't need that, I can take lime juice or something if I want to keep bacteria down, and I don't want to deal with a bacterial detoxification or infection right after a period of medical help because they just freak out when it happens.

So, I just avoided all those chemicals. However, as I was going to sleep, I did see the anesthesiologist pumps some antibiotic into the IV and I was already half gone and couldn't say anything and that's what this is.

So, I had constipation up until yesterday. So, finally it cleared my system, but I ate tremendous amounts of cheese. I ate a whole loaf of cheese in 10 days.

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