Don't Chew Too Much and Bacteria In Mouth






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Of course, if you keep it in your mouth a little bit, you're gonna get a lot of bacteria. We have 2300 bacteria in the mouth. We've got more bacteria than dogs and cats in the mouth, so don't get bit by a human.

Chewing is not the greatest thing to get too much saliva with meat, but milk and any of those others, it's better to get lots of bacteria. Oh.


Why isn't it good to get too much saliva with meat?


Well, depends upon the individual. We all have tylin enzyme. Tylin enzyme is very strong in the horse and in humans and the horse also developed it when we started feeding them grain.

The humans developed it when we started eating grain 10,000 years ago.

It's an alkaline enzyme. So, if we have too much Tylenol enzyme, it can neutralize some of the acids. 2, 3, 4 chews, that's all. People who chew it 100 times, they're not gonna digest much, even though they've done all that chewing.

Just remember, your hydrochloric acid breaks everything up and dissolves it. It's an acid that goes and dissolves and breaks it up, so your bacteria in your intestines can eat it. And of course, if you enter some of that bacteria, saliva's full of it. So, you know, 2, 3, 4, 5 chews, and you've got a lot of bacteria in your meat already.

You continue to chew it, and then the Tylenol starts to Mount up.

Probably when you're very healthy, after 30 years on the diet, it won't. But right now, our body's used to eating carbohydrates and we chew carbohydrates more than anything else, unless it's bread, something soft or pasta or something like that.

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