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In a dog and a cat, normally in the wild, that's all a dog eats. They're scavengers to an extent, they'll eat fruit, they'll pick up fruit if they find it. They'll eat vegetables once in a while, but only when they're starving, aand they can't find anything else, but they are mainly meat, dogs and cats.

So, when they get a high protein level, especially when it's raw, domesticated dogs, they start eliminating the aluminum, formeldahyde, and mercury that they get in injections. And when the dog and a cat get injections, they don't get it for their size. They get the full dose if it's a small dog or big dog, unless you've got a conscious veterinarian.

But let me tell you no vet is a conscious veterinarian as far as I'm concerned, because they're trained by the pharmaceutical industry


Shots, which they do by law, and then I never took 'em for anymore.


That's already 8 shots. Puppies get eight shots by the 10th week.


So, is it never gonna go down or will it?


Oh, it usually takes by their ninth year it's all gone nice year.


He's a year and a half now.


Yeah. Well, he may get dump all of it early if he's dumping it all now, how wonderful.

See, most dogs and cats will go into paralysis between their seventh and ninth year. Whole back end goes into paralysis, usually everything falls. I have many people call me and say my dog or my cat's completely paralyzed, they're dragging their back end. They won't eat, they won't do anything. And I said, you just have to see this through, sometimes if you have to squirt some milk down, fine, get cheese down, then mash it up with some yogurt, get the cheese down, absorb that stuff, so we can get it out quicker. And it usually takes five to six months for that cycle, then they're back to normal. And you wonder, how could they be crippled.

Let me give you an example. I went to see a friend of mine who had been my publicity agent at MGM when I was an actor in doing a medical center TV show with Chad James daily, and he had five dogs and he had a pug that I had known. I got off to live off of a bicycle, and I travelled all around, then I came back.

This was in the early to mid eighties, and he had a pug that I knew ever since he got it. So, this pug was 14.5 years old: cataracts, completely blind, deaf, couldn't bark, paralyzed, couldn't wobble more than a few feet and collapse, couldn't even go to the toilet on its own.

Dory would take him outside and rub him so he could even pee. So, I put him on a raw diet, in six months the dog could see halfway, half the cataracts were gone, jumping on and off the couch, going out the doggy door on his own. Never had any more paralysis symptoms.

That's how quickly a dog will react. We've been on cooked foods for 10,000 years, unless you're African American. They've only been on it for 400 years.


That's why they're such athletes.


That's why they're much better than most whities overall. Proportionately, the intensity of African Americans are much more athletic than Caucasians because they've been raw longer and some of them can even suffer through a cooked diet better than we can, but some of them are even worse at a cooked diet. You see how obese they can get, just to preserve their body. So, you collect tremendous amounts of fat and the molecules get 50 times their normal size of fat molecules.

So, everything is proportionately huge in a lot of African Americans, they're trying to adjust to this processed diet. So anyway, the dog, cheese, lots of cheese to help absorb these toxins.


Cheese's okay for a cat too?




Would a dog need cheese with butter too?


No, dog doesn't need, if they're having diarrhea, they don't need butter. They need the cheese to absorb the garbage.

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