Dog Raised On Raw Meat - Dogs Need Bones




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It may be a problem for 'em. A friend of mine had a dog who raised from 10 weeks old on the raw foods and eating raw bones and this dog was 230 pounds. His head was this high, this big, and you know, those big femur joints on a cow, this big?

You put that in his mouth and he would just dissolve it, with one bite, just crumble it with one bite.


Was that a young dog or an old dog?


No, that was when he got older. But I mean that he grew up on this diet from 10 weeks old, so he had really strong teeth.

Can you imagine what he'd do to you if he did that? I'd be just mangled. Like a lion.


When I give him raw meat, five seconds It's down.


Yeah, gone.

Well, it's cuz he needs bones. You have to have bones, dogs have to have bones.


Okay, so one pound with meat a day and give him butter and egg occasionally?

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