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Well, the lymph system doesn't dump a lot into the blood, but you're eating. You're not fasting. You're eating enough to deal with those toxins that get into the blood. Most of it will go through the skin.  

So, you get into a hot bath and perspire a little bit more or a sauna for a few minutes, don't cook yourself in the sauna. 

You actually cook the vitamin D and vitamin a in your skin. Let's say nine minutes. If you're at a level of about 130°, if you're up on top 160°, you can count on getting rid of a lot of nerves with the cells as well if you're up there cooking.  

So, stay in the lower room if you're in there. No more than you 8, 9 minutes if you're at a level where it's 130 degrees. If you're in a hot bath, that's 105°, 106°, you can be in there an hour, two hours. When I'm in pain, like when I had my spien cauterized and I was in constant pain and I had to crawl on the floor, I lived in the bathtub. 16, 18 hours a day. 

I rewarmed the water every hour and half, two hours, and I lived in the bathtub. I was painless in the bathtub, relatively painless in the bathtub. I was able to discreet lot of poison. 

But some of that fat is bound to the poison. Body tries to resolve it and push most of it out to the skin. The best thing you can do is take hot baths. 

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