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Do you know some physicians in this area that are sympathetic to your way of thinking?


Not really. closest is Dr. Priviteraout, out near St. Bernardino. But he's into all these supplements. He doesn't really think that there's that much kerosene and gasoline in supplements and he recommends a lot of supplements.

Yet, there's a lot of kerosene or hexane and gasoline in supplements.

Would you soak your food for 22 hours in gasoline or kerosene rinse it for two minutes and eat it? That's what all supplements are made of. Kerosene or gasoline.


That's big money earner for 'em.


Oh, that's huge.

Same as medication. Everybody wants a magic bullet and people believe in magic bullets and there's no proof of it anywhere. The thing that happens when people take supplements, they get toxic kerosene or gasoline in their system. It raises their adrenaline level cuz their adrenals will make the hormones to deal with those toxins as fat and it raises their energy level and they're blaming it on the benefits of the supplements, instead of the toxicity of supplements is hatching as a adrenal reaction.

If they're on it long enough, of course they get adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, all kinds of accumulative problems with gasoline and kerosene collecting in the body.


Remember, there was a guy named Maynard, who was the helping, you said he took too many supplements.


That's what he did. When I talked his surgeon in, the doctor wanted to go in and remove the whole jaw. He had a tumor this big on his face, and I went to his surgeon. I had to talk with the surgeon, surgeon wanted to remove the jawbone, all of the skin, everything and I said, wait a minute. It's part of the lymph gland system. So, if you just take out the tumor, leave the skin, leave the bone, the body will be there. You don't remove all the lymph glands cause they want to take the limp glands too. Said the lymph glands are what clean the body. Why would you want to do that?

Just remove the fricking tumor, scrape it off the skin, there is going to be excess skin, of course, cut some of the skin away and then sew it back together. . So I had him retain the tumor and then had it analyzed, it cost almost $10,000 to have it analyzed for everything I wanted it analyzed for. And everything was minerals and vitamin supplements stored in that tumor. Concentrations.

And then he got another tumor because he took them for 60 years and took supplements for 60 years.


What do they use the kerosene for supplements?


You have to take a substance, dissolve it to extract something from it. Let's say they're taking vitamin E from corn or soybean. They use the kerosene or gasoline to dissolve it to make it a liquid, then they extract the substances out of it. So, it's at least 22 hours soaking. Sometimes it's 5, 6 days.

So, it's lots of kerosene or gasoline. And they only rinse it for two minutes. It goes through a sprayer, rinses it off for 2 minutes.


Do they use that ingredient because it's the fastest way?


It's the only way you can get anything to dissolve.

No other solvents. You put it in water, it's gonna take a year and then you have bacteria that grows and fungus and everything else. They need something that's not gonna get a fungus or a bacteria and dissolves it and makes it a mush quickly.

Kerosene is natural, so that's what's in your natural supplement? If it's non natural, it's gasoline and hexane. There's no other way to do it.

That one big vitamin company, what are they called? I can't remember the name of it. They called me and their attorneys called me and said, "Two of our top sales people were at your workshop in Chicago and you said that all natural supplements use kerosene. That is a lie, we do not use that and you need to put a ad retracting that statement in the New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune and all the major newspapers like Toronto, wherever I give my lectures", and I said, "You want me to do that based on what evidence?"

He said, "Well, we don't, ours is all natural. We don't use any kerosene in ours". I said, "Did you know that kerosene is natural and that's the solvent they use? Go check with your laboratory. If your laboratory proves to me that they use something other than kerosene to make your supplements I'll borrow $500,000 and put those ads in".

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