Doctors Giving Dad Glycerin





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To say something, it was like he lost his thought and couldn't think of what to say or couldn't find the words, and it usually occurred after he drank something. So, after about a day and a half, I realized that every time he drank a fluid, it was a very thick stuff like aloe vera juice, but it was made with glycerin. So, they put glycerin in everything, so he wouldn't choke on fluids. So, apple juice with glycerin and everything had glycerin in it that he drank, and within 10 minutes of drinking it, he would go stupid.

So, I told the hospital, "Oh no, it's okay". I said, "Listen, I am a biochemist, so I know what's happening. Your doctors come in and prescribe and they don't stay 10 minutes with a patient. They have no idea what's wrong with that patient. They just look at their figures on a chart. They don't know what's going on with the patient. They've got these measurements that they look at, the blood test analysis, urine analysis, and they look at figures. They're not looking at the patient. That is not only ignorance, that is stupidity". So, it took me a day and a half to get them to stop, and I was very nice about it. I said, "Look, this is what's happening. I think you should take him off of it".

By the evening, and they didn't stop. I said, I know it is I've observed it. So, you need to take him off of it. The next day he was still having it. I said, I'm not asking you anymore. I'm demanding that you take him off of any kind of a fluid. If he chokes a little bit, you just stop feeding him for a few minutes and let him get through, but don't feed him any of that stuff anymore, and I mean it.

Of course, that night they took him off of it. The next day he had no dumbness. He didn't go into that stuper. We had a conversation the whole day, the whole day. Thank God for the first time in 25 years, he agreed to drink raw milk.

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