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Like a few months ago, I was doing hot yoga pretty intensely, and I got a rash, and so I went to a naturopath and he sent me to an MD who declared it staff. And of course, they want to give cortisone shots in the foot, antibiotics, the whole thing. 

And I refused everything. She thought I was totally mental. But it was after that that I read your book and started to understand your concept that the body uses bacteria to help clean up the toxicity, dead cells and whatnot. That resonated with me that that made sense. 

I want to know if there are other people that corroborate your findings, if there's other people that agree with you. 


If you read The Recipe for Living Without Disease, you'll see Yale, Harvard, all of them are starting to use viruses and bacterias to reverse diseases. I cited 18 of them in that book. 


Well, my other question is you mentioned if you cook meat or something, then that it becomes susceptible to harmful bacteria.  


No, the same good bacteria that normally gets rid of dead tissue, rotting. Leave meat out here, it's going to rot. If it's in the sun, there are bacterias that are gonna form on it, and start eating away unless the sun bakes it and cooks it and dries it, dehydrates it before anybody can eat it.  


So, is there such thing as bacteria that- 


Bacteria will mutate on cooked food. Then its byproducts are toxic. Just like the poisons from you. You have more toxins in you if you eat cooked food. 

It's like the Pottenger's test of that cat. What happened when they took the feces from the cooked food animal? The vines that they grew, they grew beans. No matter from what animals the feces came, the beans always grew. It always grew a vine and always produced beans. 

However, the foliage on it was very different. Those animals that ate raw, their feces grew very lush, full leaved plants, vines. The more processed the food, the feces created 1 - 2 two leaves on a whole vine that would run 10 feet long, not a very healthy plant.  

So, the more toxins that you discharge, the bacteria eats in us, the bacteria eats the cooked food. It discharges more poisons, just like we do, which interferes with other biological process.  


So, conventional wisdom always says that the immune system needs to be strong in order to fight the bacteria? So, what does that mean? 


That's like saying the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. 

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