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He's having dizziness right now. Dizziness is always two things after a surgery: it's the lowering of blood sugar and the lowering of fat at the same time. If you're dizzy, normally, you must be a female. I'm glad I gotta laugh with that. I thought, oh, I better not play with that, but I... [joke]

No, when you're dizzy, otherwise it's usually an imbalance of fluid from one ear to the other. That's what cause mainly causes vertigo. You've got more fluid in one ear than the other. So, to get rid of fluid in one ear to the other, you put a hot water bottle there at night tented around that area, so you perspire those fluids out that one a ear and that will lower it.

You can always tell which ear it is, cuz that'll allow more pressure on that ear.


You put it in a towel.


Not in a towel. You put the hot water bottle there and you tent, you put the towel over your head like this, so you're tenting the heat into the whatever side of the head.


Is the bottle touching your skin or no?


You don't want it touching cause you put pressure against it and you can't make it very hot that way, and if you want it along many hours, Then you need the hot water bottle hotter, but it can't be too close to the body.

So, with his situation, give him some honey and butter is a good way because when honey's raw, it's only 10% sugar and it's 90% enzymes for digesting fats and proteins, mainly proteins, secondarily fats. So, the honey and butter mixture will help after a surgery that kind of dizziness, cause that doesn't have to do with a hemorrhage or an aneurysm or anything like that.

It's a nutrient deficiency. And especially it happens from anesthesia, and a lot of people experience that.





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