Diverticulitis - No Seeds









Diverticulitis is when you have little sacks on your intestines, small and, large intestines.

If you're eating cooked foods, sometimes it gets up in there and starts rotting in there. If you're eating raw foods, it doesn't happen, but it can cause headaches because you create gases and chemical toxins from eating cooked foods, and it gets into diverticula causes high blood pressure, and then a high blood pressure in the brain causes a headache.

So, it can move into peritonitis, which is perforated intestines because it can rupture like like an appendix that happens to choke off or swell too much. And then there's no escape, except for it to burst.

So, eat raw foods and stay away from cooked foods.

If you're gonna have tomatoes then filter out the seeds, juice it and filter out the seeds, things that won't get caught up in there.

If you're going to have berries with seeds, make sure you filter out the seeds.


So, all berries are good if I just get rid of the seeds? They just tell me not eat any blackberries cause of the seeds and stuff like that.


Just filter out the seeds. And lemon for the headaches.


This morning I used the orange juice honey thing and that helped.

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