I can't eat raw nuts because of the little tear in the colon. What's good fiber to replace it with?


Okay. She has diverticulitis and the medical profession says that you need to eat a lot of fiber to keep things moving through your body if you have diverticulitis. That's like saying to somebody who has vertigo to go up onto a house and jump off.

If you're eating raw food, peristalsis naturally happens. If you're eating cooked food, peristalsis stops. That's why they want you to eat fiber. Just push things through, or eat a vegetable salad with your cooked meat to push it through it through.

If you're eating raw food, peristalsis happens. Unless you've had a lot of antibiotics in your lifetime and peristalsis is pretty nonexistent and that takes a lot to help things.

Then you need lots of parasites, need lots of trichinosis, needs lots of bacteria to do all of the work, even to move things through.

So, eating fiber is the exact opposite you wanna do because that collects in the diverticuli and causes infection.

If you're eating raw food and any particle gets stuck in there, it still has its enzymes to react and it'll move out.


So, fibers not good?


You shouldn't have fiber.

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