Disease and Contagion




medical industry

pharmaceutical industry



How do you get sick? 


You get sick from poisons in the body.  

Her problem is she wants to know about disease, how we get disease, and about contagions.  

The new book, the revision of the first book has all that explanation in detail that I wasn't allowed to give the first publication of it. I explained exactly what virus are, I explained exactly what causes disease. How the whole logic of contagion is misconstrued for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry. 

And now of course, the medical industry, because they make fortunes on it. When you look at any of the medical manuals, they're written by Merck and Bayer. 

And they want you to live with your disease and take medication. Every disease they want to look at like diabetes. So, you take it medicine every day to live with your disease, and instead of cure it, yet the father of medicine Hippocrates... 

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