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Well, it starts in the mouth, like I said, and a ton of bacteria infiltrates the food to start breaking it down and it goes to the stomach, your body secretes hydrochloric acid. That's to dissolve larger pieces of protein meats. Let's say you're eating cheese, that helps you break down clumps of cheese. If you have minced meat, you don't need much hydrochloric acid because it's already in almost a liquid pate form, so the bacterias need to infiltrate. You have the Campylobacter, which is a prominent bacteria in the stomach, and the health department says, "Oh, Campylobacter, that's a dangerous bacteria." Bullshit. It isn't a dangerous bacteria, it's part of the digestive process.

And then, as it moves down into the ladder part of the stomach, the bile secretes into there from the bile duct coming from the gallbladder and that helps digest fat. It helps break down larger molecules of fat, so that the bacteria that eat fat can infiltrate it and break it down easily.

Fat molecules are very resilient. Just like you put fat on anything, even gasoline takes time to eat through the fat. So, fat is difficult to break down without bile, and then after the bile fractures the membrane of the fat cells, then the bacteria can infiltrate and eat it.

And remember the feces, the urine, the sweat of bacteria is our nutrients, that's our food. So, you'll get beyond your squeamishness when you realize we all eat piss and shit and sweat, just a bacteria. So, get rid of all that squeamishness when you realize that and no animals or creatures, urine and feces are supposed to be toxic.

It's usually just byproducts of organic waste that could go in to feed the ground or feed some other creature. Feces is merely food that isn't completely digested. It's not supposed to be toxic, so it feeds the ground. Dogs eat it, many creatures eat fecal matter. That's their diet, it's just partially digested food. You shouldn't consider feces something as a toxic, nasty substance. How many animals go around licking each other's butts every day and their own? If it were a problem, we'd all be dead and no creature would be alive today.


But all the toxins we consume.


Yes, that makes it toxic. Any animal that's eating processed food with the 60,000 chemicals that they now use in food processing will have toxic feces and urine. And then when you go into the small intestine, you have several types of bacteria there and it just continues to eating that which you've eaten, and then that's absorbed into the lacteal system. The lacteal system is a fine web network that goes from the intestinal tract, all the way out to the lymphatic system. And when the food is digested, I don't care if it's blackberries or blueberries or anything dark or beets, bright red, everything that the bacteria eat turns milk. It looks just like this when it gets into the lacteal system, when they finish digesting it, their urine, their, sweat, their feces is all milk.

Then the lacteal system absorbs it and breaks it down even further till it gets to the lymph system, and the lymph system is a translucent, like an opaque, translucent to an opaque milky substance. And then the lymph system has the job to feed every cell in the body, but most people's lymphatic systems are so jammed with hydrogenated vegetable oils, which is plastic fat that the lymphatic system can't even clean itself, which is its second job.

First job is to feed every cell, second job is to clean all the waste out of the body, all the byproducts of metabolism out of dead cells, whatever it is, the lymphatic system is given the job to dissolve all that, neutralize it, send it under the skin for perspiring out of the body. 90% of waste are supposed to leave through the skin in perspiration, but when the lymphatic system is blocked, it doesn't happen.

So, the lymphatic system rarely transports nutrients anymore, the bloodstream does it, and the bloodstream is only supposed to transport oxygen to develop energy with fats in the system from whatever your body makes the fats, and it can make it from a lot of things, but the only pure fat for a human is animal fat. So, that's the best.

So, the lymphatic system is supposed to feed every cell in the body, but rarely in anybody does it happen, in any animal does it happen, unless they're a raw fooder and not that inorganic, toxic industrial chemicals.

Then in the bowel, when he gets down to there. Now the bowel is relatively short. The whole digestive attack is 12x the length of our torso. So 3 x 12 is 36 feet. So, our intestinal tract is 36 feet, yet the bowel is only about 3 - 3.5 feet.

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