Difficulty Eating Raw Meat - Over Alkaline






how much fruit

vegetable juice

how much vegetable juice



So, I would like to ask you, is there a connection between emergency knee and a pH balance in the body?  


The what and the pH?  


I've been having difficulty eating the raw meat. I'm very repulsed by it, and I wondered if there was a connection between the pH of the body, alkaline/acid that would possibly cause that because some days I can eat the meat with no trouble and then the next day or two I'm just repulsed by it.  


When the bloodstream or the intestines gets over alkanalized it causes a neutralizing of the acid digestive juices in the intestines. So, you won't be able to digest the meat as well.  


Well, how do I?  


Well, you need to reduce the amount of fruit that you're eating to almost nothing. 

Have no more than 12 ounces of vegetable juice a day and break it up into three, four ounces at a time, and then you shouldn't have a problem. People who have that problem eat too much fruit or they drink too much vegetable juice. The over alkanalizes the intestines. 

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