Different Types of Bacteria Based On Diet






Well, you know, you have different types. It depends on what diet you're on.

If you're on a vegetarian or vegan diet, you'll have different bacteria cuz your body will try to adapt to the diet you're on. Nobody does it well cuz what you have to do is you have to adapt like a cow or a goats or sheeps bacteria. When you do that, a sheep and a cow and a horse, all of 'em have 2.5x more digestive tract than we do.

It's 30x the length of their torso, they take 48 hours to digest their food, to break down the cellulose, to get the fats and the proteins from it, they have 60,000x more enzymes to do that than we do.

So, our bodies will try to adapt, never accomplish it, but still try to adapt. So, your bacteria are different from a carnivore, herbivore, fruitarian, all of those are different.

And we should have all, pigs and humans should have the whip worm, trichinosis. That is the main digestive parasite in a human that should belong there.

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