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Diet predominantly on raw fish. Is that fairly beneficial or is that detrimental?


For the people who in tropical areas, I find it's pretty good. I can't do it, I've tried it. It's not enough nourishment for me. I start getting fatigued, I lose too much weight and I'm just hungry all the time and irritable. Start getting irritable once I get down to a certain weight, so I can't live on it.

There are natives who can, there're lots of Asians who can.

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Even if they don't have the fat?


Fish are full of fat, high fat. Almost all fish, there is some that are leaner.

Whenever I buy fish, I buy the fatty section. I mean really fatty like the tail end of the swordfish. That's my favorite.


So, we don't have to worry about mercury in tuna or anything like that when it's raw?


The fat of the fish has already dealt with the toxicity, and bound it in fat. If you cook that fish, you fractionate that bond and that heavy metal does into your system.

And when I did test with swordfish with 12 animals, well 13 counting me, almost 1415, it was broken up into half plus me, eating it raw and half of eating it cooked. And we took the urine and feces from each animal, had them separate, so we could see that if there was a ratio high difference between the ones on raw and the ones on cooked, what they had to do with digestion or whatever.

So, we checked the urine and the feces, all that was collected in the day for three days after eating the swordfish. Nothing else was given except for water during that three day period and the lab technician had measured the amount of mercury in the swordfish and how much is in concentration, and then of course how much was given in to each animal and that much mercury...

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