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You've got about 25% - 30%, dairy in the diet. And then you have your juices, which are about 20% of the diet, in most people's diets, and that's the way that works.

In the tribes in Africa dairy averages from 50% - 90% of their diet, raw dairy. In the Fulani tribe it's 90% - 92% dairy and all of it's fresh. They just don't eat fermented dairy for some reason, and they cook meat once or twice a month and they cook it in the underground ovens, and they use rocks. Rocks that they've heated in a fire, and then they put it deeply in the ground, about 5 feet in the ground, sometimes only 4.5 feet.

And they have these big elephant leaves, so they wrap the butchered animal in the leaves and then put the rocks on the perimeter, so it doesn't get direct heat and probably the hottest it gets in there is about 200 degrees and they'll cook it for 7, 8 hours that way with just the rocks. And of course they cover the whole thing to keep the heat trapped in it.

That tribe is fatter, I mean heavier, stockier than any of the other tribes. Plus they have patches of skin, but they were up until the British fellow who came in there and brought the agriculture and screwed up their economy and changed the-

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