Diet Is Terrible Now







But it depends upon what they're fed. The American diet up until 50 years ago, you had meat at every meal, the breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You had meat at every meal. Now it's once a day, maybe once a week. It's the same garbage that they're handing people, and we're getting more and more and more disease. 

And the, the false information that people are living longer has nothing to do with the medical profession, and it has nothing to do with our diets, healthy diets. It has to do with, we are now sheltered from the intense cold, and the intense heats, which will kill people quickly. Can you imagine a hundred years ago, you don't have a fire like that in your house, and you can't afford to burn one and you can't afford to get the wood because you're in a city where there is no more wood, cause all the trees have been cut down, and you can't afford to get wood. So, you don't have a fire unless it's for cooking and you freeze at night. A woman, unless she was Angelia's size, she would not be considered a good woman choice to breed children. 

Because it's likely that she would survive every year, year after year, even if she had a baby in the winter, she would survive. But this young lady would be a bad choice because she's so thin. 

But because we have heat, and we have air conditioning. That prevents all these deaths, and we're living longer only because of that. And that is sole reason. Take a look when we have power shortages in the winters, all of a sudden you have 230 people die in one night, cuz they don't have heat and we're not talking about just old people and young people we're talking about of all ages. 

Because their blood gets too thick and cold and they die. 100 years ago, we didn't have heat and air conditioning. A heat wave also, hundreds of people will die in heat wave without air conditioning. And that is the sole reason that they can say people are living longer, and also, we have refrigeration, so we do have more nutrients in our food because they retain longer. 

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