Diet For Liver Damage

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What is the best diet to heal liver damage?


That depends on what's in the liver, which caused the damage.


If it was cytomegalovirus, it's no longer active.


A virus is never the problem, the virus is a solvent. The body makes virus, viruses are not alive.

They're just a soap, so that goes in to dissolve toxicity.

So if you had a virus, all of your hepatitis virus, all of them are made within the liver or some other part of the body to dissolve dead cells in the liver to get rid of the liver damaged liver tissue, so you can rebuild the liver and help it so.

Any hepatitis's, retroviruses mega viruses are your last ditch effort to save a very toxic liver.


So it wouldn't happen if the liver wasn't toxic to begin with?




Anything you can do?


Well, like I said in the book, when I had the poison mushroom destroy the liver, but cream is is a little too hard on the liver, because it has to take the cream and make it into butter.

It has separate it it has to use lots of enzymes to separate the whey and make it into butter.

So it's already a butter form, the liver doesn't have to work as hard.

And you have to push it, like I forced myself to eat at least a pound and a half of butter a day after the poison mushroom 'cause I knew the liver would not work unless I forced it to work.





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