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Regarding the diet you put people on who are sick from colds and flus, does that include eating anything else on the regular routine?


No. In the recipe book, on page 146 I have a regime that I suggest for people who have colds and flus, and that's mainly milkshakes and one smoothie a day; a smoothie is a milkshake with fruit in it.

So, in there I suggest orange, maybe a little banana, you got soreness throughout the body in the muscles or wherever the high potassium in the banana will remove that.

It will be a slow process cause banana is one of the hardest foods to digest, longest fruits to digest, so that is a good, slow time release one, as long as it's not too ripe, as long as it's not really ripe at all, it should behalf yellow, half green at the most. rightness.

If you feel fine, eat meat eat anything you want. That's just for people who are really overwhelmed with the cold or flu. Just remember a lot of people say, well, I don't want to eat the dairy, it creates mucus.

What the hell do you think a cold and a flu are? They are detoxification through your mucus membranes. You have diarrhea involved in it, the mucus binds with those poisons that are coming with those mucus membranes. It holds onto the poisons, then you want good mucus. You want lots of it to hold this poisons, because if it doesn't, what's it gonna do? It's gonna create more vomit and more diarrhea.

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