Did Dairy make Western Cultures Stronger - Mongolians Blood With Milk








Do you think that had a lot to do with Western history developing with the consumption of dairy product in the west?


I think it developed mainly because, except in Africa, the dairy was produced in very cold climates where there wasn't a lot of food in the winter, lot of things went into hibernation, so dairy was always available and cows didn't freeze. You'd milk them twice a day.


You think that the dairy made the Western culture stronger in some ways?


Oh yeah, definitely. Absolutely.

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That's how Genghis Khan conquered the largest portion of the world. Mongolians were a meat, dairy society, no vegetable.


They also bled their horses so they wouldn't have to carry food like the Maasai. They didn't do it to the cows, they did it to the bulls.

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Not enough to hurt.


They'll bleed the bowls for five days. Blood milk, equal portion taste delicious. If you've ever had blood, it coagulates pretty quickly, gets thick and it tastes metallic a little bit and it's really fresh and liquid and drinking it right out of the bleeding animal. It's easy, it's okay, but once it sits in a glass for five minutes, it becomes unappealing to me.

But when you mix it right away with milk, it's like ice cream. It has no relationship to the taste that it has on its own. The Maasai are the tallest, strongest, healthiest, smartest tribe in the world, and they're the only ones that on a daily basis for three months a year, and they only drink the blood and the milk together during the times that the cows are lactating for the calves and they don't have enough milk for themselves, so they have to supplement it with the blood. And they're growing spurts on that three months, every day, several times a day, eating the blood and the milk together is giving this height, the average height there is 7 foot tall.

The tallest person is 9 foot something, smallest man is like 6" 3". That's a short guy.


I heard they don't want to have anything to do with western culture.


No, they don't. After Shirley McClain and that whole group for like 28 years, kept bringing donuts and candies and garbage, and the children started getting sick and they saw harming their entire tribe.

They went to the government and said we don't want the white man within 20 miles of our villages anymore, don't want them influencing our children, our people, anything like that. We will agree to go out to hike 20 miles every day and do rituals and sell our art to the white man, but we don't want him within 20 miles of our villages and the government agreed.

That's the way it stands today. The only way you ever get to see a Maasai is if he's left the tribe and got in culture. Like the one Maasai who was a singer who was quite a famous singer, now he's on David Letterman a couple of months ago, extremely bright, bright young man and you can see how well their brain works, they're so calm.

But I had a feeling he left the tribe early and didn't eat entirely because he didn't have the height of the normal Maasai tribe. He was only about maybe 6' 1".

Well, the Pygmies all only ate heavily cooked foods and they didn't eat any dairy. Strictly meats and insects always heavily cooked and fried. Everything fried. They'd take a slab of lard from a wild pig and they would boil that first and then cook the meat in that.

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