Diatomaceous Earth Is Harmful


diatomaceous earth


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Again, if somebody's marketing some bullshit though. Diatomaceous are singular cell crustaceans that lived for millions and millions and millions of years ago, they said they were the first shelled organism. They are a very finite, tiny shell. You have to look their microscope to see any shape or form, and what they do is they cook it to make it into a powder and they use it as insecticides. People come up with all kinds of things for 'em. They treat it like a clay and it is not a clay.


So, are you saying it doesn't have any power to absorb?


It has power to rip the cells out of your body, they use it as an insecticide. Why? Because it's glass to an insect. The insect breathes it or eats it and it just rips them apart internally. That's how it works. So, do you think that's a good thing for yourselves to be subjected to glass? Very harmful.

You have to understand a lot of these people get theoretical in their mind and say, "I wanna make a million dollars. I got an idea", and they're not looking at does this harm us or is it favorable? And that's the problem with our schools, they don't teach you to be foresighted, they teach you the hindsighted.

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