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All of a sudden that's going to make the difference between life and death. It's absurd. It's insane, and the people who are not on this diet, the average people out there are having 18% to 20% diarrhea or vomit every day. On this diet the rate is only 12%, figure that one out. We have a lot more bacteria on this diet.

So, it isn't the bacteria that's causing the problem. It's the poisons. How many people have seen somebody eat something poisonous ended up a diarrhea and vomit. MSG in your food, pesticides, herbicides in your food. That's what's causing the problem.

Poisons, pollution, chemicals. The medical profession and the food industry are in love together, and they produce this bacteria fear.


Is it advisable to eat shit if you don't have like a serious illness or cancer?


Sure. If you've not been raw fooder all of your life, your likelihood of collecting a lot of cells in your body and not reproducing them.

The greatest authority on cancer and at a conference in 2000, he said, "Everybody stand up, men. I want you to look at the man next to you. One of the two of you will have cancer in your lifetime. And the women, three of you look at each other. One of three of you women will have cancer in your lifetime".

That's how bad it is. So, eat shit and live. I really did think of writing a comedy routine and calling it, "Eat Shit and Live" because that's the only way you're gonna open minds to that concept before they come in the room. I thought about doing it with my next book on detoxification, but my publisher won't do it.

I mean, it would be a catchy thing, who would buy that. Eat Shit and Live.


Did you say something anything about brain cells, brain tumors also have bacteria too?


That was the test they're doing at the University of Toronto for 29 years now.

Two to seven days, including vessels going to tumor.

Well, [person] ate a lot of high meat and it didn't move those tumors. The breast tumor it did, but the kidney, the adrenal, and the hip bone; it didn't move it. The fecal matter did it quickly.

High meat is in the recipe book.

High meat means you just let meat oxidize til it gets full of bacteria in it and it stinks.

[Too hard to understand past this point]

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