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Well, I see people with large adhesions of scar tissue, which are dead cells that do not function, they're just like bricks holding you together. Or if you can't resolve them, it's compound adhesions because your body can't resolve the dead cells, I've seen people with huge adhesions still function with their bladder. 

I would say if you're having diarrhea about every time, you eat your fat or very, very loose stools. You're not digesting them so well. I can tell how much cream I can eat. When I first started on eating raw meat, I started drinking court of raw cream a day with a quart of carrot juice. It made me feel wonderful and I loved it. 

I blew up, you know, got like Arnold Schwarzenegger and a little puffier in the face than he did cause I didn't work out, he did. And it felt really good, but I always had loose stools from it. If I have, let's say eight ounces of cream at a time with berries, I will get very loose stools and I'll be able to judge from that how much I'm digesting and not digesting. And I'd probably be able to digest very well only six ounces at a time, cream at a time. So, you have to eat a tremendous amount of fat to not digest it properly usually. I've had that the vagotomy, so my digestion is compromised. So, if I can have six ounces most people can do a lot better than that. 

Cream is the hardest to digest of the raw fat. Um, as far as it causes swelling, puffiness as far as actual digestion, for breaking it down the assimilating, avocado is the hardest. So, if you have difficulty with avocado, then you might want to decrease your consumption of avocado. If you have massive swelling, water retention, you may be eating too much cream. 

You may have more butter. 





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