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You die from diarrhea-


Never die from diarrhea. That's a farce.


Well, that's what they're saying.


Nobody dies from diarrhea.


Well, eventually they die of something.


They can't eat. Only time somebody's gonna die is if they can't eat.

I had a guy who went on this diet and he experienced diarrhea for two and a half years and he was kept his weight up to as big as Mike there and even with all that diarrhea, he maintained that weight for the whole two and a half years.

If you have dehydration. You could die of dehydration, dehy, but that's because you're not eating the right foods to get the right kind of H20 to be utilized properly in the body, you'd be drinking water, gatorade, garbage like that.

Of course, your body can only utilize about 10% of that H20.

So, many people are going to die and it's usually the elderly who do it or people who are on heavy medications and have been on medications for extended period.


So, is that a genetic disposition then?


No, it's just a matter of habits.

Of course, if your genes are made up of you do what your parents did, you eat the same kind of garbage your parents did, you're gonna carry on the same weaknesses because you're altering, like diabetes runs on my mother's side and we've got eight cousins who were diabetic by the time they were 15.

I was one of those people who was part of that, so I was the ninth. I don't have any juvenile diabetes and that's unheard of, you don't reverse juvenile diabetes, so-called.

But I changed my diet. I took care of it. My pancreas completely healed and rebuilt. I'm not part of that genetic pool anymore.





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