Diabetes and Honey






Anybody want an ice cream? *Laughs*

Well, it has to be unheated honey that hasn't been heated over 93°. Once it hits 93°, it destroys the insulin like substance that the bee has produced in its stomach when it swallows nectar.

Honey, is bee vomit, exactly what it is. He swallows it, takes it back to the hive. After it's produced the insulin like substance, which converts 90% of the carbohydrate into enzymes for digestion and utilizing protein, gets back to the hive and vomits.

93°, that is destroyed. That's why the bees will fan the hive to keep it down to 92.8 degrees. Once the upper layer turns over that for more than about 40 minutes, they leave it and then goes to the next layer and makes sure that it doesn't get beyond that.

They will only eat those upper layers. They will never feed it to the drones or to the queen. But the worker bees will only eat that if they're starving.


Does sugar feed tumors?


Honey does not do that if it is completely unheated.

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