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It lowers my ability to chelate with chemicals. Most people don't have to go through this kind of thing. Of course, most diabetics do in their later years. And this will go to the toes first usually, and they'll get their toes amputated and then their foot and then their leg, and then the lower part of the leg and then the upper leg. Usually when they're in their fifties and sixties.

So, I guess what I have to assume from that then is since most diabetics who take insulin have that kind of detox at that time in their life. That is the time when the body does it, I'm 62 now, so whether this inspired it or stimulated it, I don't know, could be entirely entirely coincidental or could be just that chapter in my life where the body said, "Okay, it's time to get rid the old insulin".

Anyway, I've got no more lumps in my thigh, I can press, no pain. Pain's here though in the skin and it comes out, it's funny, I was looking through my electronic microscope. I was looking at the blood that's there, you see that's crusted like that? And they're actually crystals that form from the insulin crystals formed and they're actually growing in my leg as in dumps.

Wild what chemistry can do to the human body. Again I would stress the point, do not panic, do not go to a hospital or doctor, cause they're just gonna put more chemicals in it's gonna have to get rid of later.

He said this whole thing was really bad all over. Even down on my foot, almost all the sores are barely a scab there now. So, it's healing. I just have to be patient, probably another two weeks and then it will be over.





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