Detoxing Old Sugar - Fermented Sugar Cane






OK, alright OK we're gonna get started now.  

Now first I'm gonna tell you the book that I've been working on next is detoxification.  

And I get a lot of people from the Internet.  

You know the Yahoo groups who talk about heavy detoxification and doing heavy detoxification.  

So, my methods of detoxification are usually to take a food that you've eaten in the years of eating cooked foods.  

You ferment it and eat it. What you are doing is introducing bacteria that is absent in the food that you've eaten cooked.  

So, you've got no way to recycle it out of the body.  

So, your body has to make solvents like virus to dissolve that toxicity and remove it gradually, very gradually and slowly.  

So, in the detoxification book, I'm telling people how to gradually detoxify.  

And that's why I'm taking those foods, how to ferment them and how to eat them and in what quantities.  

So, two weeks ago I decided to push the envelope to see how much of the detoxification was too much.  




I did it.  

While I was in Vietnam three weeks ago, they have sugar cane juice.  

You could get it anywhere, almost anywhere in Asia, and of course I was a sugar junkie.  

I was diabetic and I would put down a whole box of chocolate covered cherries in one afternoon.  

You know lots of candy and lots of powdered Donuts.  

And I loved all that stuff.  

I was a sugar freak. 

Became diabetic.  

So, I decided that I was going to detox the sugar that has been in my system. 

So, I fermented the sugar cane juice.  

Well, I had diarrhea for about 5 days on and off.  

While I was in Vietnam, during that I got tremendous hives everywhere and I used to get hives all the time so badly that it burned my skin and it'd blister, and scabs would fall off.  

And it was mainly around my kidneys, all the places where a diabetic is most effected. 

So, it was all along here, I had huge marks still coming out my ass. 

I lost mine complete ass, dropped in a week.  

I had this beautiful round ass, and it was gone in a week.  

But sugar was stored in these tissues. It's not there! No ass! 

Second thing to do, I was also a heavy milk drinker, pasteurized milk drinker.  

So, two weeks ago I decided to drink an intense amount of fermented milk.  

That was two weeks fermented, so it smelled like alcohol.  

It burned my lungs if I inhaled it. 

So, I drank 2 ½ cups of it at one time. I was on the toilet for three days, 72 hours.  


Is that raw milk? 


Raw milk. 

And again, it caused that kind of detoxification, but that wasn't my ass, lost my ass. 

I also lost about 20 pounds in about four days.  

So, I put 10 pounds back on, so I don't look so bad as I did four days ago, but he kicked my butt, so I kind of see the limitation.  

So, all these people on the Internet who say go for it.  

Heavy detoxifications, I don't suggest to do. Not unless you're 50 pounds overweight.  

You can afford to lose that much weight.  

It was too much for me to lose, I was debilitated.  

I could barely move for about two or five days.  

You know, just diarrhea and the exhaustion and the weight loss.  

And getting back up to this weight, I've been eating all day long every day.  

Food and food and food and food and cheesecakes galore. 

And cheesecakes help absorb that toxicity.  

I had less rashes, less hives when I would eat the cheesecake, so I'd make a cheesecake for about 3 days.  

And eat pieces all along the day throughout the day. 

So, that's what I have to say about the detoxification before the book comes out. Don't push anything too heavily. You're going to ferment something to detoxify that that's in your body, something you've eaten a lot of in your past life, cooked life. 

No more than an ounce or two ounce every time with that particular food. 

Don't push it.  

Unless, you know you've got a lot of weight.  

You know, then you could probably afford to do it, but still, if you have to work, you're not going to be able to function very well.  

If you have that kind of a detoxification, OK, any questions about that? 


Even if you eat something from your past, is it necessarily pulling out the old stuff? 


Well, what I did was I had some of my feces checked while I was in Vietnam. 

I got a laboratory to check it and it was a lot of old toxic cauterized sugar in there from that.  

And here it was metals.  

When I had the milk, it caused a bunch of metals to come out of my system.  

And I started forming stones in my urine.  

You know, so it caused a heavy mineral detoxification. 

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