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My question is about detoxing from smoking. For example, what's the best thing for your lungs?


9/10 people who go on this diet automatically stop smoking, just like that. No problem with it.


Oh, I've quit smoking, but to clean it out.


To clean it out? You get green tobacco, you juice it, you ferment it with a little bit of vinegar and lemon juice for about 10 days out of the refrigerator, and then you take 2,3 drops in one of your vegetable juices a day.

It's very potent and will start breaking down the tars in your body, and you don't want any more than that. You might only do it 5 days a week too, cuz I've seen some people go into pretty nasty detoxifications with it. But it takes a similar tar with the alcohol to attach and help break down that tar.

Cuz you any tar has bacteria. Any food has a bacteria, some mold better than others, rather than bacteria degenerate, but all of 'em have bacterial breakdown. So, when you have the raw, and you put that into your body. You're giving the body those bacteria to propagate, to start breaking down and fungus to start breaking down those old tars in the body.

And remember, those smoke tars are just as thick when they go into your lungs, as they are the tar on your roof in the street. So, when your body makes cells with them, it hardens, crystallizes. So, it causes hardening of their arteries. It can cause sclera wherever it is is in your body.


The pollution that we're breathing, does that cause the plaque too?


That's a lot of other chemicals, but it does have fats and oils, especially if you're gonna use biodiesel. Hello? Biodiesel is worse than regular gasoline diesel. Because you're getting tars that're gonna crystallize in your system.


That's what they use in Europe.


I know. So, people are gonna have a different sclerosis all over their bodies.


Does that apply to the tar that you get from weed as well?


Absolutely. Yeah. Not as bad though. Corn is worse cuz it's higher in fat. Weed is lower in fat.

[He's talking about actual weeds here, not marijuana btw]





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