Detoxing At Night Through The Skin

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For the last couple of weeks, just every time when I go to sleep, all of a sudden I start detoxing throughout my body, through my skin, and it keeps me up. My feet, you just scratch something and then it'll move to another foot and it'll go all up and down the feet, arms, back.

Nothing I could really locate for one thing. Or sometimes it feels like bumps, like hives are coming up and then it's gone and I'll get to sleep. And there's to be none, except tearing yourself apart scratching yourself.


What he asked was, he's got a condition where during the night he itches a lot, things come out the skin. Remember, your skin is the main detoxification center for the whole body. If you were on an ideal diet, you wouldn't be putting out waste products. Everything that you have that you eliminate from the body, you could always recycle.

It is supposed to be that nontoxic. You could eat your own waste and recover more of the nutrients. In India because there are heavy vegetarians there, they drink their own urine to recycle their proteins. Your astronauts, what do you think they drink? They drink their urine, goes through a filter and they drink their urine.

That's how they get their water and fluids and nutrient, extra nutrients. So, when you're on a healthy diet and you've been raised on a healthy diet, you will have very little waste and any toxic waste that will come out, comes out the skin: not the bowels and not the urine, not the kidneys, not the bladder, not the urethra, comes out the skin.

So, everybody's gonna do their major amount of detoxification through the skin. A lot of health practitioners call the skin the major bowel. Because the bowel, I don't want you to think that the bowel is a detoxification area specified by the body. It isn't, it is no more of a detoxifier than your tear ducts or your ear wax or your mucus membranes.

It is not supposed to be a dump zone of toxicity, your skin is that area. So, when you have a major amount of it itching, usually it's a fungus that's coming out through the skin. Now a lot of times because of the vegetable oils that we've consumed, especially the hydrogenated vegetable oils that are the same molecular structure of plastic, fungus, molds break those down and they will crystallize, cause heavy dryness when coming through the skin.

Best thing to do is put coconut cream on your skin. If you're blistering along with it, you put lime juice and then coconut cream with a tiny bit of honey in the ratio of honey to coconut cream is about 20 - 1. 20 coconut cream to 1 honey. Very small amount of honey, a drop per tablespoon.

He said when he wakes in the morning, it's all over. The nervous system mainly detoxifies at night. As soon as the sun goes down, it's full on by midnight and it's over by 5:00AM. So, if you can't sleep at night, you're going through a heavy detox. Don't try, you'll just be frustrated. Get up and do something constructive. If you're itching, put some lime juice or just coconut cream and honey on, and then do something. Read, do some work, do something, even do something creative. Write poetry, whatever it is. If you've got people in the house, put ear plugs in so you can sing, anything.





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