Detox and High Meat



high meat



I noticed in your second book you recommended not to take high meat during detoxification. Is that right?


if you're already detoxifying, I don't suggest it for some reason. I mean, you can do it. I have people who do it, but

Some people, it causes more vomiting, stuff like that. So, I don't suggest it for that reason. I didn't want people to freak out.

Yeah, I do it, and I know lots of people that do it, but I know some people that freaked out when they had it during a detox. Caused massive diarrhea, and vomiting, which is not a bad thing, but for them it was enough to scare them off the diet.

Just completely stopped the diet, not just the high meat. So, you know, I stayed away from that problem because even if it happens and only 5% of the people it's too much.

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