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Last December, I had a brain detox and months after was over, the couple of benefits I had was like, I was much happier, and I was also making dialogue with people, I was more spontaneous and used good English, but it went away after a month and half a month or so. What, what could be reason?


Well, you go on and off the diet. So, when you go on it, your body starts working very well. Then when it gets to the point where it feels balance, it starts detoxifying. And then when you're detoxifying, it's like, say you've got a six lane highway and you go through detoxing, you cut it down to two lanes.

So, you have reduced mental function. So, you gotta stay on the diet a long time like me and your brain won't shut off.


How about all these people that are not doing diet, but they're very healthy, and they're very spontaneous. Why don't they don't lose it?


It's like asking if a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his ass when he jumped. It just is. And you can't compare yourself with people who have that quality because it makes no sense.


I always wanna say that people who have a brain and use it and go through colleges.


But look at all the doctors. Are they wise?




Okay. They're pretty stupid actually. They're very stupid. They're not only ignorant, they're stupid. I was with my father.

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