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Understand that there's very few people in our civilized society that aren't going to aches and pains and psychological problems, some little things, every day, little headache here, little loss of energy, cold or a flu. Everybody's experiencing some kind of detoxification every day, Every minute. some are very extreme, Some are mild and mellow.

So, a lot of people say, well, gee, when I went on your diet and all of a sudden I'm detoxifying. I say, you never had these aches and pains all in your life? You've been perfect.


Well, the diet, like I've been on it for a year and I think I need to see you again, just to like retune.


I suggest people come back once a year, unless you have cancer, then it's once every three to four months.


Because there's so many things to remember. Even in reading, it's like, then I notice, okay, well, I didn't do that. So, maybe that caused that and you know, it's like, it could be overwhelming.


That's why I suggest everybody read my books, both of them every six months, at least once a year.

I have people who studied under me that read them 16 times each of them and said they got out of each one of them every time, even the 16th time, as much as they got out of reading it the first time.

Well, you can cause more detoxification at times, you can cause chemical imbalances, like mental imbalances that would cause you to get too cold or to experience more pain. You could do those things.

And you can go off psychologically by eating a lot of fruit without fat and you can cause all kinds of reactions by not doing it properly.


Could you help me realign if I saw you again?


Yes, absolutely. Just give me a call between 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM.

Do you have a question?

[Attendee #2]

Well, I'm gonna be 69 years, So my concern is reversing the aging process, and I think this diet is like a fountain of youth.


Oh, it's incredible. I'm gonna be 62 soon. I'm healthier now than I ever was as a child. Of course, I was never healthy as a child, and I get healthier every day. Every day gets easier and better.

[Attendee #2]

So, I was wondering if there's any emphasis on the diet for somebody that's older, keeping the hormones up and that sort of thing.


Your bone marrow is the best way to advance it really backwards quickly.

[Attendee #2]

I never did that.


Apply it and eat it.


If you're on the weight loss, you can't eat it then? It's not recommended?


It's okay on a weight loss to eat bone marrow, but you just don't want to eat it with meat. Your bone marrow would be your meat meal, your golf ball of meat would be that bone marrow.





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