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So, the best thing to do if you have a problem, if you have a detox, don't panic. On this diet I've found that you get you just have to be patient. Of course, those's people who've had tremendous radiation, chemo, and surgeries, and you have cancer, something like that. You may not make it, but like I always say it's probably better to die than to keep having the quality of your life reduced to the point where you're like I was where I could not stand up. I mean, I would basically pass out if I tried to stand up, so what I'd do is I sleep on the couch. When I had to go off the couch, I would roll onto the floor and crawl with my elbows all around the house. That's what the medical profession did to me. 

So, basically, I'd rather not go with them. I'd rather die than to go through that again, cause it took me a lot longer to get well than it would have from the cancer. This time I was going through it again, and this was because of the radiation therapy that I was crawling around the room. I had spinal meningitis again. 

Spinal meningitis was nothing of what I had before they treated me and the radioactivity in my spine damaged my spine to do that. So anyway, in this last three weeks, it's the hardest detox that I've been through in about probably 10 years, and it was a rough one, but I'm standing up here today. 

I don't think that I can get very far down yet, just below my knees. It'll take about 4 and a half months to clean that up and to detox and get strong again where I'll be able to touch four. What I'm hoping for this time is my hamstrings have been so tight for so many years. I can't sit, you know, and touch my toes without bending my knees. 

So, I'm hoping that when I get completely well from this one in about 4 - 6 months, that I'll have that flexibility, and that's usually what happens. I get more flexible and better every time I go through anything. I'm also hoping that spot that was on the spine will all be removed and it may light, or it may shrink, which means I may have to go through it again, but it won't know for about 4 more months. 

So, people who go through heavy detoxifications, I know Melanie there was going to go through spinal meningitis once and the medical profession took care of her and stopped it cause they thought she'd be paralyzed and die or something like that, which is, the process if you have medical treatment, you can go into anaphylactic shock. 

Now, I know that I've mentioned this before, I'm jumping around because I want to get to your questions, but I wanted to make this as quickly as possible. I know that I've said this before, but there's some new people here.  

A lot of people are concerned about the bacteria, the parasites and all the deaths that have occurred because of bacterial food poisoning. All of the medical reports that I've seen, the death certificates that I've seen of the people who died of so-called bacterial food poisoning like with the Jack In The Box incident, none of them died of bleeding to death or dehydration, which happens when you have an intense detoxification with bacteria or parasites, and the body's trying to flush it out. People vomit to the point where they bleed, or they have diarrhea to the point where they bleed and they dehydrate from all of that, as well as losing the blood. 

These are the only things, blood loss and dehydration is the only thing that can naturally occur and can kill you and it happens 1 in probably10,000. All of those records that I've seen, every one of 'em died from anaphylactic shock, which means from the treatment of the diarrhea and all of that.  


Were those kids? Did you mean small kids? 


Even the adults, they're dying from anaphylactic shock. 

So, it's the treatment. The doctors are not gonna say, "Ah, I'm sorry, you died because of our drugs". They're not gonna even say that, they're going to continue to blame the bacteria and parasites. 


So, are you saying the kids would've survived had no treatment been given? 


Yes, as long as they were given good food and they didn't dehydrate. There's still a certain percentage of the children who would dehydrate and die. 

Especially if the children were raised on high carbohydrate diets. They have all these advanced glycation end products that built up in their body on which the bacteria or parasites can feed, and it causes a tremendous detoxification and that is either the salmonella, E. coli or the campylobacter are working on that toxicity to remove it. 

And when they start having vomiting or diarrhea, that's the body dumping it quickly. If it doesn't flush it out, it burns the tissues like acid. So, that's why it has to flush it out in vomit. Now if people are on such a bad diet, like in third world countries where they're fed cereals, and grains basically, cooked grains. 

A lot of those people are going to die from dehydration and bleeding to death because they don't have any good stable proteins. There's no way for the body to recover from that. 

But here in America with our meats, even though they're cooked will be more stable and they'll be less deaths from that. 

But when the medical profession gets involved, then the rate of deaths are like a 100x greater. 

Just like people have automatic anaphylactic shock from vaccines, whether they're flu or whatever. 


You're saying that someone that is on a raw food's diet is less susceptible to being harmed by bacteria. 



Well, the bacteria never harms you. The bacteria is there to eat degenerative tissue. 


So, it only harms you when it's involved with whatever bad stuff is in people's bodies? 


No, that's all that ever goes after. Bad stuff, degenerative tissue in the body. So, the bacteria's never a bad guy. It's just, if you are so full of toxicity that the detoxification is going kill you. 

Then it's a problem for you, but it's gonna be a problem for you if you're living in that state anyway. 

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