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If our soil is depleted, then what's the best way to get minerals in our diet?


Vegetarians have come up with this concept, because they can't be healthy as vegetarians, so they're making excuses. There is no soil that's depleted, unless peanuts or legumes are grown in the soil like soy. Those grounds are completely depleted, but not in minerals, but of proteins and microbes. Never get depleted in minerals, it's impossible.


Wasn't that the whole idea of that when the Nile with flood and everything, and it would have such plentiful crops as a result of all the minerals that came?


Well, the algae breaks down rock, provides all those minerals.

So, when the algae would flow over there, they would have all these digested minerals and they would break down into the soil.


Right. That makes sense, but we don't have that in the places where there are farmers farming land.


No, it's about getting microorganisms in the ground to break down the minerals to release them.

It's not about putting minerals into the ground, it's already there. It's you have poisons in the ground that are preventing the fractionation of those to be absorbed by the plants, that's the issue.


Right. So if the poisons are there, then how do you get the-


Microorganisms in?


In our body.


Oh. Well, if you're drinking vegetable juice, you're already doing, you're already doing it.


Doing what?


Providing many minerals and enzymes that you wouldn't normally get and vitamins. We're not herbivores. We take vegetables and we juice them, so we have this concentrated mineral solution with lots of vitamins and enzymes. Those are your supplements. Taking a cup of vegetable juice a day, even if the soil so-called depleted is 10 times the amount that you would ever get in good soil.

That's why vegetable juice is part of the diet.





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