Deficiencies On Raw Diet


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I just started getting white spots on my hands since maybe last month, and I've ready lack of calcium, lack of zinc.

What's your understanding of that?


Well, don't try to counterbalance like that. Those signs are just signs that you're detoxifying a concentration of something, and building into the nails, not something you should even worry about, unless it's painful.


So, you feel it's actually detoxing rather than...


Anytime you're detoxing, you're going to have certain kinds of deficiencies. As long as you're constantly eating the balanced diet, you're always gonna supply the right balance.


So, why is there deficiencies?


Let's say you're detoxing mercury.

There's a certain balance of minerals that will attach to a mercury molecule to harness it, prevent it from doing damage in your system. That can cause a potassium, magnesium, zinc, and one other mineral that are very concentrated, be utilized to do that. Just to control it, to magnetize to it.

So, you start having a deficiency periodically, if you don't keep up your eating. If you're eating the primal diet balanced diet on a daily basis.

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