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That whole raw food thing?


Well, I've only seen eight who survived without that kind of thing. David Wolf is just now seven years into his. But you know, all the super foods he's creating.

Ton of stuff, just so he doesn't demineralize.


He doesn't eat any dairy?




Just straight vegetables and fruit?


Most of those people foam will foam at the mouth.

When my book first came out in 1997, I went to a health convention in San Diego. This is in 1998, the book came out in the fall of 1997. So, I was sitting down there and a lot of these people knew me from when I was a fruitarian, and now I was a Renegade fruitarian, eating all this meat and dairy.

So, they were charging against me and I'm sitting there very calm and there were five of them and then another came 6 and another came 7, and they were around me for about an hour and a half. They were intense about it, and when you get that intense when you're a fruitarian, you will actually start foaming at the mouth

You will actually start producing this white substance that comes off the lips, so basically foaming at the mouth. And I said, "Now you tell me that eating meat will make me violent. I'm sitting here very calm this whole time in the conversation with you". I knew this was gonna happen, so I brought a mirror with me and I said, "You take a look at your mouth, tell me who's not in control and who's not calm".

And what's likely to make you angry. Fruit made me very high strung and easy to anger, meat makes me calm and relax. And then they stood there all dumbfounded, and walked away and I never heard from them again. That was seven years ago, and David Wolf had just joined them.





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