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What's the berries for?


Getting rid of metals. Dark berries are for getting rid of heavy metals, raspberries are for getting rid of the lighter metals like iodine and aluminum.


How much can coconut cream can you have at the time?


It depends upon the person's body weight, fat level.

I would say for your size, I wouldn't go over three ounces.

Most people with your size that they're beginning the diet, my size, two and a half ounces, til they've been on it a while and then up to three ounces.


It's not that hard to make coconut cream. I do it all the time.


I know, just takes time. Gotta be patient.

In the latest versions of the book, what I did was I said, "You can cut it, chop it, and then put it into a food processor and grate it rapidly, and then you just put that into the juicer and it's even quicker".

So, that's a little bit quicker than putting in the thin slices in putting it into the juicer a little at a time cause the slicing takes time when you have to slice it thinly like that.


And I don't take the brown off. I don't know if anyone else does.


I don't. Too much time. And there is great B vitamins in it.

If somebody's gonna make a birthday cake and they want it to look presentable, then that's the only time I will peel the brown, the hull of the coconut.


You still have to be careful if your body weight isn't up?


Cause mass detoxification and you need a lot of fats to make sure that the toxicity is arrested. It doesn't cause damage.

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