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Who were on a regular diet, but because she was eating the primal diet it didn't kill her. And she was detoxing that all day long for two and a half months. And just to give you an idea, you know what three and a half times a lethal dose of Thallium is? It's in a pinhead. 

That much mercury, you could kill 5,000 people. That's on a pin head, that much mercury, it can do that much damage. And if you really wanna see what it does to actual neurons, you go to the University of Toronto's website and you put in mercury neurology, and then you'll come up with, they actually do a time lapse photography. 

You see the neurons all growing, and these are actual neurons, and they drop a 2% solution of thimerosal, liquid mercury in it, which they using in vaccines. And you see the neurons just fragment, just disappear like they had leprosy, disappear. Just like that. That's how lethal it is.  

So, in order to control toxins in your body, they have to be removed, either through perspiration, vomit diarrhea, out the feces, out the tear ducts the gums, the tongue, the salivary glands, the ear wax, wherever it can discharge, it will.  

A lot of times your body will build it into your hair, into the nails, and you’ll have ridges in your nails. Some of them very large and very dry. You could have very dry and thin hair from that, or even white hair from discarding lead and aluminum and mercury out through the scalp. It'll turn your hair grey.  

So, whenever you have that kind of symptom, you want to increase your intake of cheese, both with, and without honey, because you're very mineral deficient. Your body's using a lot of good minerals, like calcium is the most concentrated to bind into those poisons, to keep them from doing damage in your body. 

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