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Well, I suggest that everybody does. People say, well, I have an allergy to it, this and this, and that happens. I say, bear through it. You know, you're not gonna get a better source of minerals and a better source of fat for the nervous system, unless you're having dairy. So suffer through it, and then you'll get through it eventually.


Because I get something, especially mentally, it's not working. I mean, I get stoned, I get, I lose my memory.


You're getting a protein deficiency.


No, by drinking milk.


You're getting a protein deficiency because you're using all the minerals to detox toxins out of the brain then you're not eating enough meat, eggs.


No, I'm eating all the raw meat and eggs and all this. But when I take milk- I'm doing sort of good, but every time I try milk, it's doing that.


How are you taking the milk?


It's warm and I drink it without food.

Normally without food.

And I have another thing in my gut, I have very much discomfort as if I'm going to get diarrhea often.


Then you've got a lot of poisons and you need cheese.

You're eating the cheese regularly. Small amount, like a sugar cube size, not a half teaspoon, and every 30 minutes you'll be able to drink the milk easily.

Right now your body's using all of the minerals in the milk and then without the minerals, you can't digest the fat properly, the cream.

Now, that can make your brain slow.

[Attendee #2]

I remember it took me a few years with the milk and then all of a sudden on few years on the diet, the milk was just like life saving. It was like I wanted it.

Before I couldn't have any.


When I start drinking milk, I can't stop. I have a full craving for it and I can drink the whole pint.


Also eat some pineapple, about an inch and a half.

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