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And the reasoning is?


And the reasoning is that if you were in the wild, you wouldn't really have a cow to milk.


Oh, yeah? There are many nomads that would capture a lactating animal and milk them. That's how they started doing it in the first place, especially the Norwegians.

You know, they didn't wanna like live like the Eskimos and have to eat icicles all the time, the meat with icicles. Cause when you're fishing in a portal in the in, you've got ice foot and a half thick. By the time your fish comes out of there in your mouth, it's a popsicle already.

So, the Norwegians started importing cows and buffalo, buffalos had larger utters, into the Norwegian regions and started milking them.

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And the Mongolians?


Mongolians did, Indians in India, heavy dairy country.

They're vegetarians, but they're dairy eaters. Our mouth is predominantly bacteria. We have more bacteria than any other animal on the planet, including dogs and cats. Dogs and cats have 16 - 118 bacteria parts per million of saliva. We have 2300 - 2600 bacteria per million parts.

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Never want to kiss anybody anymore.


You're just giving them some good bacteria. So, we infiltrate our food with bacteria first. The hydrochloric acid just breaks apart larger food particles, so the bacteria can get in and eat and digest them.


I guess one of the arguments that I've heard is, you know, well, no other species drink milk or some species.


Have you ever offered any other animal milk? I've given it to horses. I've even milked a cow given it its own milk, and they'll drink gallon, gallon and a half in one sitting. Every animal that I've ever offered, herbivore or whatever, has all consumed milk. It's just that how many females are gonna let 'em milk them?

Have you seen there's pictures on the internet where they have the tiger nursing monkey babies and animal baby?


Babies, but adults, that's what I was wondering about.


All animals, every animal, even squirrels drink milk and eat cheese. I feed mine all the time.

Eating butter and getting the butter into your skin and sunshine is the best vitamin D source.

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