Cucumber For Erection







It's like a Viagra. Yeah. It's not like Cialis, which will work 36 hours, but it will certainly keep you, like I had last night. I was thirsty and I just didn't want a tomato. I didn't want anything else, but a nice cool cucumber. So, I peeled the sucker and I ate it.

I had an erection all night. I woke every few hours and this Woody was there and nobody to do anything with.


Do you eat the peel?


Yeah, but I didn't find it worked as well. There's something in the pulp.

And they allow 5% petroleum.

[Attendee #2]

I agree with you. I'm glad you mentioned that because Jeff and I just got into a little discussion here, but I've noticed that they're even if they're organic, they're wax and I always peel 'em.


Peel em anyway if you have an erection problem.

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