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I have a friend, her 11 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Crohn's disease. What is your opinion on why she has that, diet or is it stress and diet? She's never been like hospitalized or anything as a child. Nothing like that.


Well, I would say from my experience of Crohn's disease, it can be many, many things.


They did a colonoscopy, where they went in, they saw lesions on her lower intestine, her upper intestine, and by her stomach, they did the whole-


The only people that I've seen have Crohn's disease are people who eat a tremendous amount of cooked starches, lots of cereals and lots of sugars.

And it destroys the intestinal environment completely. There's usually no bacteria present. No bacteria present in the intestines. So, everything rips the intestines and it bleeds and it causes lesions and scaring.


What should she be doing?


Lots of raw eggs, lots of smoothies, lots of meat. Anything that will create the bacteria.

She can even take the raw clabbered milk, and do you know the infusions like I said in the intestines to build it up.

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