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Very rarely do I put cream with my meat, unless it's sour cream. Cream coats meat, and makes it very difficult to digest. Remember cream is the hardest fat to digest, it's the most complex. It requires almost 60 varieties of cholesterol produced by the liver to digest it, but it makes 30 varieties of cholesterol, the only place that we can make them from is the raw cream to feed the brain and the nervous system.

So, raw cream is a very important substance to have, but don't have it with your meat, unless you've already soured it, predigested it.

You can to a meat meal, you can add sour cream, but mostly eat butter with meat.


Well, James has the chicken ceviche with cream in it.


Chicken ceviche is different. Still it can prevent it from digesting, but you've got lemon juice in there that helps digest the cream, so that's probably okay.

If you see the meat come out in your fecal matter kind of pearly, pearlish. You're not digesting it. Stop eating cream.


So, would you buy sour cream instead?


Sour cream? Yes. If you want it with meat, it's fine. And if you have sour cream with mushrooms and meat, really nice, and then chives.

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