Cream Relieves Urethra Pain

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The nervous system detoxifies when there's no light and at night time.

If you're in a climate you know like you're in, let's say, Finland. 

In the summer, you know it's light all day long you will still detoxify. 

Normally when the sun is the lowest. 

And the nervous system detoxifies. 

Like I said, in the nervous system, in the brain. 

That has the most free radicals, heavy metals. 

What happens if the free radicals touch cells, it burns them. 

Gets into the blood, gets into the kidneys. 

Gets into the bladder, causes irritation through the urethra into the bladder walls. 

You have to relieve it, you have to get it out quickly. 

Only way you can help resolve that is to drink a lot of cream before you go to sleep. 

That will help ease it. 


I've been drinking my juice before bed.


Eliminate the juice and have let's say, like 2-3 ounces of cream with your juice. 


Well, not that much. 


OK, then you gotta cut it out because the minerals and the juice are helping you eliminate from the neurological system at night. 

If you're not sleeping well, it would be better that you didn't detoxify that quickly. 

Cream is always good to help. 

Bind with those acrid minerals that cause irritation to the tissue. 

2-3 oz Yep, Yep. 

If I drink a vegetable juice, I urinate 5 minutes later. With... intensity!

Specially now that I'm so thin. 

When I get the weight back on, it won't be as bad. 

When you're as thin as me, you can't even move with that kind of mineral toxicity.





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