Cramps From Not Enough Fat





fat deficiency




Same thing with me. I go over to Thailand. I've got three girlfriends over there. So, one at night, sometimes all three on the same day cause they don't last. I don't know, women just there don't, they can't take much fucking, so they get sore easily. So, and when I get into it, I get into it.

So, all of a sudden, at the end of that time that I'm there. I get thinner because I don't have my milk. I take lots of butter with me and I eat lots of meat fat, but it still doesn't put on the weight like the milk does. So, then I'll start getting more cramps in my feet and my calves.


When my weight's going thinner, I get the more cramps.


Yep. That's it. So, that's why I like to get as fat as I can before I go. I'm working on it. But you know, the last time I came back, I was a30 inch waist, in June when I returned. Now I'm up to a 37 inch waist. I'm getting ready.


So, on the weigh, that would be a good thing for me.


Absolutely. That's what I said. To get the urea out, you can use the whey. That can thin your blood as long as you're not getting too acidic.


So, every time I have a juice, I could just-


Put a little whey in. Yeah.


And how about whey before I go to bed or if I wake up in the middle of the night, something like that is that.


Don't have too much of it.

If you're having cramps everywhere in your body, then you've got urea building up. If you're not having that, thickened blood is not your problem.


What is my problem?


Your problem is you have some urea built up in your chest.

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