Cow Share Vs Lease



sally fallon




They have those contracts set up now. Sally Fallon had a good idea, but it doesn't hold up in court all the time. She has a cow share agreement. That means if a judge takes you into court and said, "How much is the cow you own? Do you own the ear? Do you own the leg ,who owns the udders?"

The milk belongs to the udders, see a judge can pull crap like that. So, having a cow share program has been outlawed in several states and it's been rejected in courts. A lease, you can lease anything. You can lease a fingernail, you can lease a person, a home, a chair, a plate, you can lease anything in our country.

If they shot down one lease, all the others could tumble. So, they don't touch leases. It's a sure fact wire away method of ownership and the leasee is the owner of that property, as long as the lease contract is in force.

[Didn't write the rest because I felt it wasn't important, might delete that part of audio later]

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