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Although it's subsided now, for a while, when I was eliminating with a lot of coughing, coughing up phlegm and all, I noticed slight pain or irritation near my rib cage around here. And I'm wondering if it's possible a bone was outta whack or is there some other explanation?

Because as I say, it's subsided now, it only happens when I cough hard or taking a nap on my torso.


A cough is always to create exercise to move toxins out through the mucus membranes, that's what the mucus does. The body throws a lot of toxins out the mucus membranes.

Now you can have a detoxification that can last for a year, year and a half where you're breaking down toxicity in the body, accumulated toxicity stored, and you take it and you break it down into substances. Then when you get the cold or a flu, that's the end of that whole cycle, which could have started sometimes two years in advance. I'd seen some go three years if they're slowing in the nervous system.

Then all of a sudden you get that cold or a flu where you've got this profuse mucus coming out, that's the discharge of all that decaying tissue. The yellow is always contaminated with chemicals, your white are mostly dead dissolved cells that could have been tumors if you didn't dissolve and get rid of it in mucus.

So, it's very beneficial. Coughing helps get all of that mucus going, create the mucus in the lungs and the esophagus and the throat. If you get chest pains, rib pains, along with it, you can believe that those bones are a part of your detoxification. And either in the bone marrow in the hard tissue, you're eliminating something very toxic.

Usually it will follow a cold or a flu, those accompanied by some kind of rib or bone pain is that you'll get little crystal bumps, little red bumps on your skin around in that area that would turn into little crystals and they fall off, they'll be very dry.

When I've done analysis on those, looked under a electronic microscope, it is bone tissue that was cooked. It was made with cauterized mineral, glass. So, it is bone fragments that the body cannot dissolve. It's just like a dog or a cat, yhey eat a cooked, what happens? It splinters like glass because the high temperature makes it like clay.

When you fire it before you fire it, it's malleable. Once you fire it, it is hard and impermeable, you cannot dissolve it. That's what happens when we cook bones. That's why cooked bones are dangerous for a dog or a cat because the hydrochloric acid will no longer dissolve it. But if a dog or a cat gets a splitter in their throat or esophagus from a raw bone, it'll be dissolved in three minutes, but not cooked.

The same thing happens with the body builds bone with cauterized minerals, turns them into glass and adheres them like cement and they cannot be broken down. So, they'll pass out through the skin and cause tears like glass and they look exactly like glass and they cannot be broken.





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