Costa Rica Customs Took Food


costa rica



I lost so much weight. I lost almost 25 pound going to Costa Rico because they took a lot of my food away when I got in there. Their customs, but their agriculture is as bad as we are. Don't let anything in their country. They took my eggs away. They took my honey away; I did smuggle some butter. 

I didn't tell 'em what some of my butter was, so they didn't take it all, some of my cream. You couldn't get it back. They're not gonna keep it for 14 days. Can you imagine what a storage house they would have? They throw it away. So, I didn't have the food that I needed there, and I didn't find a place to get raw butter until my last two days there, but there was a health food store there that had raw butter from water buffalo, and raw milk and everything. 

So, I chowed down. It wasn't enough to really get me back, and then I started going through a heavy detoxification, even before I went. I went in April. 

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