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Corn-fed chicken and corn-fed beef, my grandparents raised them. We had 52 acres of corn that we raised every year, and we fed that to the dairy cause they owned a dairy farm that fed all the cities within a hundred miles West of Chicago and ago. We fed the cows corn during milking and then grass that we grew on some other acres.  

We had a silo that was about 55 feet high, and we fill it every year with corn and we'd just take the husks off cause it would mold. 

So, we'd just take that off, but leave the corn on the cob and then give it to the cows cause the cows love that center of the cob, it’s like sugarcane, so it's really sweet. They could digest the corn and make it into an acetone, which is a fat substance. It's like chickens that are fed corn, it makes that very yellow, fat, so tasty. And you can't get that with soy.  

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